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Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic, progressive neurological condition that causes extreme pain and disability. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD) and causalgia are forms of CRPS. This condition typically affects one of your hands, arms, feet or legs and can spread along your entire limb and intensify in severity over time. These debilitating diseases are triggered by trauma to the affected nerves or, in the case of RSD, to another nerve in your body. Attorney Louis Pfeffer has advocated for the rights of Florida workers for almost 30 years. At Pfeffer & Associates, we adamantly pursue your rightful workers’ compensation after an on-the-job accident.

We also defend your right to make your claim and hold your employer responsible for unlawful workers’ comp retaliation. Learn more about your rights if a workplace accident has resulted in CRPS, RSD or causalgia, and get the answers to FAQs about workers’ compensation in Florida.

Symptoms of CRPS and RSD

There is no cure for complex regional pain syndrome and usually the symptoms worsen as the condition progresses. Symptoms may include:

  • Burning pain
  • Inflammation
  • Motor restrictions
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Blotchy, purple, red or pale skin color
  • Warmer or cooler skin temperature compared to the opposite limb
  • Changes in skin and nail texture

Diagnosis of CRPS Type 1 and 2

RSD is also called CRPS Type 1 and has the same symptoms as causalgia — known as CRPS Type 2. The two types of CRPS differ in where the problem originates. When diagnosing CRPS, your doctor considers whether:

  • Type 1 — An illness or injury did not directly damage the nerves of the area where the condition appears, and so the source of the regional pain is nonspecific.
  • Type 2 — The condition occurs after an identifiable illness or injury directly damaged the nerves of the affected limb.

Causes of complex regional pain syndrome

Forceful trauma may trigger CRPS and RSD. The condition may occur after a workplace accident that resulted in a sprain, fracture, amputation, crush injury, blood vessel damage and nerve damage or brain injury. Because causation can be unclear, employers often attempt to deny workers’ compensation claims.

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