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The Legality of Random Drug Testing

Routine and random drug tests may be part of an employment agreement, but does exercising this clause violate an employee’s Fourth Amendment privacy rights? When employers do not have reason to suspect drug abuse, should drug tests be allowed? Employees across Florida are asking this question and seeking the advice of drug testing attorneys when […]

Payroll Violations: Stealing Tips, Deducting Pay and Ignoring Overtime

People who work in the service industry are often subject to the whims of patrons and supervisors. Weekly pay rates may be affected by minimum wage laws, hours scheduled, tips accumulated, overtime rate enforcement, punitive policies and other employment practices that affect income. Many workers cannot rely on a steady paycheck if their managers engage […]

What’s in a Name: Employee Versus Independent Contractor

The misclassification of employees as independent contractors leads to high levels of employment fraud. Workers can be cheated out of wages, denied family and medical leave, and deprived of injury benefits offered to employees under the Workers’ Compensation Act — simply because of a job title. This is why courts in Florida do not rely […]

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