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Can FMLA Work For You?

You work full time and are having a baby, or you are the primary caregiver for your grandmother and you need time off to help her through an illness. Can FMLA help you? The answer is yes and no. The federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) was signed into law by President […]

Victim of Discrimination At Work? Consider These Important Tips

When you are treated unfairly in the workplace on the basis of factors like age, race and sex, you may be the victim of discrimination. In addition to creating a hostile work environment, discrimination can deter job prospects, derail your career and cause you to lose wages, benefits or your job. Federal and Florida state […]

Florida Workers’ Compensation: Understanding Emotional Injuries

If you are involved in a traumatic accident at work, workers’ compensation is intended to provide rapid delivery of medical services to address your injury and quicken your return to work. But what if the traumatic incident caused horrific injury to a co-worker?  While you were traumatized, you are physically unhurt. You may experience irrational […]

Are You Doing Equal Work For Unequal Pay?

You enjoy your job and you do it well. You are getting experience, but you just found out someone is doing the same job as you and getting paid more. The only difference you see is that you are a woman and the other person is male. Is your paycheck less just because you are […]

Announcing the Launch of Our Blog

Welcome to the blog of Pfeffer & Associates. Our Jupiter, Florida office handles cases involving discrimination, workers’ compensation and employment law. We have almost 30 years of experience providing straightforward advice and effective representation to clients throughout South Florida. Through this blog, we will educate and inform our clients by sharing important news and insights […]

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